What Happens When You Get a DUI For The First Time

Posted by Carol Bullock

There is no objection about the fact that Driving Under the Influence (DUI) can be a various serious offense. Many people find themselves in the wrong hands of law especially when they are ignorant of the DUI Laws that are applicable in their country or state.Even though the severity of this law could vary depending on where you come from, the truth is that you will never be left a happier person after being accused and charged. Lawyer michael kotik  says,”A wise person should understand this law and when accused, a good DUI lawyer can rescue you like one here”. The lawyer can have you released without any penalties or reduce the amount you were to pay in terms of compensation. It may take quite a long time to have your appeal granted hence a professional attorney in DUI cases is mandatory if you mind about yourself and family.

The first step where DUI Laws start to apply is when a police officer pull you over. An officer will always do that when he/she suspects that you are driving under the influence.The officer will then perform a breath analysis test on you using a breathalyzer. In most States/countries, one is always allowed to either choose to partake the test or not. The best thing to do is to always accept the test because if you don’t it may be a disadvantage to you when taken to the court of law. Don’t raise any suspicion by refusing.

Your blood alcohol level is always determined using this test. When you drink, the alcohol will be absorbed from your stomach then to the blood stream. Even though its concentration tend to decrease after some time, overindulging in alcohol can increase its concentration in blood beyond acceptable levels. Each and every State has acceptable limits which you ought to be aware of to be safe.

When you are caught up with DUI laws you need not to get troubled because there are attorneys who have professionalized in such cases. Attorney david bell says,”By hiring a DUI attorney, you will increase your chances of getting freed. The attorney is able to argue in the court of law in your favor using his/her experience. Never choose to defend yourself because you can trap yourself thus suing yourself unknowingly”.

A DUI attorney in your local area is always up to date with new laws and regulation pertaining to such cases unlike you. By using them, you will increase your chances of winning the case thus getting back to the road soonest without paying any fine or having your DL revoked.

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