Identifying & Reporting Employment Conduct Issues

Posted by Carol Bullock

The act of sexual harassment in the workplace is very common in both small and big companies but most employees keep it to themselves because they fear stigmatization or loss of job. In some cases, a victim may not be sure whether he/she is being subjected to any form of sexual harassment at the work place. You need to be cautious about laws pertaining to such cases to ensure that everything goes well in the place of work.

Identify the Conduct

The first step anyone should take is to try an identify whether he/she is subjected to sexual harassment. Before obtaining any lawsuit you need to identify whether the acts you have been subjected to constitutes such an offense in your State or country. There are sexual harassment lawyers that have been provided to help victims. Everyone needs to be protected against any unwanted sexual advances at their place of work. In most cases, sexual harassment can either be when someone makes sexual advances to you or you are being subjected to bully at the place of work such as where your workmates harass you.

Company’s Complaint Policy

The company you are working at will always have a well defined complaint policy. You need to be aware of these policies and follow the steps that has been provided. It is also important to let the person you think is harassing you to know the policy.

Example of Sexual Harassment

*Unwanted sexual talks.

*Suspicious touching.

*Jokes that are inappropriate or intimidating.

*Presented with provocative pictures or someone sitting in a provocative way.

*Gestures that are not decent.

*Trading job promotions with sexual favors.

Who is the Victim?

Victim of sexual harassment can either be a man or a woman. The accused can also be a male or a female. The jury will always play an important role of determining your case. Never try to handle such a situation by yourself or staying quite forever. You need to report the case if it persist and the harasser does not seem to change even after your warning to him/her.

It can also happen that someone close to you is the victim of the sexual harassment. No matter who is the victim, a professional personal injury who has experience in handling sexual harassment in the workplace should be consulted. No more inappropriate conduct at your workplace because attorneys are here to help you.

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