Any Bond That is Backed by The Pledge of Collateral is Known as What Type of​ Bond?

Posted by Carol Bullock

The bail bonds have turned to be a rescue option for people who have been charged with crimes. The bail bonds help the accused from going to prison. The accused has to follow all the conditions set by the judge to avoid the bail from being renounced and he/she has to make sure that he/she attends the hearing when required. Below are the various types of bail bonds, each with the requirements. 

Standard bonds

It’s a kind of insurance loan that can only be reserved by authorized insurance agents. Its permitted when a relative or friend contacts the bail agents before the accused is discharged. You can acquire it by paying a little premium plus any related fee. 

Federal bonds

These bonds are usually used in the case of federal crimes making them uncommon as other bail bonds. These federal crimes are corruption, tax evasion, seizing, bank burglary, plane hi-jacking, counterfeiting etc. These federal crimes are costly than the other common types of bail bonds. The use of a bond trustee with great reputation and experience for federal bonds is exceptionally valuable, says Josh Pearce from Acme Bail. Can significantly impact an individual’s bonding procedure.

Immigration bonds 

These bonds are specific to the offense committed. Immigration bonds being One of them, it’s for individuals accused of crimes involving foreign countries. These are risky and therefore obtaining them is a bit costly and hard. 

Cash bonds

It used when the accused, friend or family member opts to pay cash for their bond. The cash will finally be returned in full once the accused complies with all the terms and attends all the court hearings. The bond is sometimes expensive and requires the accused to follow all the directions and guidelines given by the judge to avoid being penalized. 

Surety bonds

Surety is another kind of bond that can get someone out of jail. For this case, a bail bond will be required to post the bail based on a percentage of the bail amount. The bail bond agent or lawyer who pays is in charge of guaranteeing that the accused will appear for the case hearing on the required date. The bail bond agencies keep the fee that is paid to them, and the lawyers will likely make the bail part of their legal costs.

property bonds

With this type, the property is used as security. But they are complicated and totally rely upon the value of the property in relation to the bail amount required. 


Bonds can help you avoid jail time. It can enable you to reduce the time it takes to solve these issues. Acme Bail are accessible 24 hours every day to help with the bail bonds.contact Acme Bail to get the best bail bonds.

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