Do I Have To Pay Workers Compensation For Independent Contractors

Posted by Carol Bullock

If you are hired for a new job, you often receive documents to sign the workers’ compensation. Next time, take a moment to read these documents before signing them. To ensure you are signing the right papers contact for guidance and help. A lot of individuals sign these papers without knowing exactly what they are signing. These forms set out the steps to follow if something happens to you during your employment during your work in the workplace.

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance coverage granted to a person after an accidental injury or even death at work. This insurance coverage is provided by the employer. When you sign these forms, you often agree to take workers’ compensation and will not sue the company for work accidents, company employees or negligence.

Once the employee accepts the workers’ compensation, different forms of compensation can be granted in case of injury or death of the employee. Weekly payment is given when you cannot work. On the other hand, only medical and hospital bills are taken in whole or in part. Check with your employer what kind of workers’ compensation they use. Ask what would happen to the employee and his/her family if there happens to be an accident or injury in the workplace. 

The employer can pay the disability benefits if it happens you are injured in the workplace. These benefits cover hospital bills, medical expenses, and living expenses while you are disabled. This compensation should only give you a percentage of your paycheck. In this way, you can survive until you are fully cured and can return to work, or plans can be made to adapt to your health.

In case of death, the employer has the insurance to take care of you and your loved ones. Usually, there is a small funeral rate bonus in which your family can live until another source of income is found. You should inform your family about the help they will be receiving if an accident causes your death in the workplace. At the time of your death, your family may not be thinking well or sober as required. It may be helpful for your family if your lawyer has this information. This will assist him/her to be better equipped to help your family.

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