Hiring RNs for your Field Hospital

Posted by Carol Bullock

Field hospitals have been used for many years to help care for the sick in emergencies. Field hospitals are often used after natural disasters, as an overwhelming number of injured people flood local hospitals.

Field hospitals are usually built quickly in response to a disaster. However, it’s not so easy for administrators to quickly find the additional staff that they need for these hospitals.

Field hospitals are not just limited to hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters. Field hospitals may also be set up in times of war when the existing infrastructure cannot handle the number of people who are in need of care. In this type of situation, additional medical staff will be required.

Helping To Meet An Immediate Need

Whether you set up a field hospital after an earthquake or during a pandemic you will need additional doctors nurses, porters and other health workers. can help with your staffing needs for these types of situations.

Registered nurses are essential in the field hospitals because they help with triage. They make it easier to identify the people who need care fastest in order to prevent death.

All registered nurses are prepared to assist physicians with providing care where necessary. They can even accompany patients to other locations where the type of treatment that’s required is not available at the field hospital.

It can be difficult for hospital administrators to find the time necessary to interview nurses when they’re struggling with an epidemic or national disaster. However, staffing agencies can step in and fill this gap, ensuring that all the people who come to work in your field hospital have the necessary experience to deal with the type of trauma that they will be facing.

Adhering To Healthcare Standards

Even during an emergency, it’s important to maintain the highest standards of healthcare. This means that the ratio of patients to nurses should be maintained. If you don’t have enough registered nurses to care for your patients properly, it is very likely that conditions will worsen and some patients may even die unnecessarily.

When you’re under pressure during an emergency, it’s easy to ignore some of the problems that may exist within your field hospital. For example, you may leave two nurses on duty during the night shift.

This may be done because you don’t have any more available, even though you really need 10. By asking an agency to help with your staffing needs, you’re more likely to adhere to the standards that you know are necessary to deliver proper care.

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